Our mentorship program: expertise, process and skills for managers in health care, farma and insurances

A mentor serves as a reliable guide, offering sector expertise, as well as sharing personal and professional experiences and network.   Unlike coaching, which is more focused on behavior change by the coachee, mentoring is more commonly used for new employees, new roles, or as a way to provide inspiration and out-of-the-box thinking to top … Read more

Belgium adopts COVID19-reimbursement for teleconsultations by all kinds of health professionals now

Belgium teleconsultation corona update

All kinds of health professionals are paid for teleconsultations now

5 reasons why telehealth is effective to flatten the curve of the coronavirus

5 reasons why telehealth is effective to flatten the curve of the coronavirus

In all kinds of working environments, physical meetings are replaced by digital ones now. For those that are not convinced yet: this is how telehealth helps to flatten the curve too.

The future role of health insurance companies

The future role of health insurance companies

Health insurance companies are re-defining themselves to be more attractive to modern customers and meet the government’s expectations at the same time. What new roles can we take as a public health insurance company? What new services to offer and what new business model is possible to do so? The question: I was asked to … Read more

Usecase: build a future-proof healthcare strategy for AXA Partners in Belgium and Germany

Usecase: Build a future-proof healthcare strategy for Belgium and Germany

AXA Partners is the service provider within AXA group. They deliver services and support to worldwide business customers. Healthcare is a growing market for AXA Partners. Belgium and Germany belong to the same group region. Need for a comprehensive business strategy In 2018, the company contacted dashplus and asked us to develop a comprehensive strategy … Read more

Digital health law in Germany opens up a market of 73m users for digital therapeutics companies

digital health law opens up market of 73m users in Germany

Digital health reimbursement starts as of 2020 Hurray, the largest European market is finally opening up for digital health entrepreneurs! Starting from 2020, over 73 million Germans in the public health system can now get digital health apps prescribed and refunded. The ‘digital health law’ making this huge step into modernity possible for German patients … Read more

CVC in healthcare: 10 leading corporate venturing funds

10 international corporate venturing funds

This blog is part of a blog series on corporate venturing in healthcare (or CVC in healthcare). Feel free to check them all out here. If you want to collaborate on corporate innovation in healthcare, you can mail me here: sofie@dashplus.be Corporate innovation in healthcare Corporate innovation in healthcare keeps on growing this year. Corporate … Read more