AXA: future-proof healthcare strategy for Belgium and Germany

AXA: future-proof healthcare strategy for Belgium and Germany

AXA Partners is a service provider for AXA bank and insurances and for many other companies, for example in energy and mobility. Worldwide, healthcare is a growing market for AXA Partners.

Question: develop a comprehensive and future-proof healthcare strategy in Belgium and Germany that defines growth segments and activities by 2023.

Up till then, many documents had fragmented and diverse ideas, and these were quite theoretical.

The strategy should also be easy to use for all AXA Partners employees.


  • desk analysis of the multiple existing documents, selection of ideas
  • analysis of particular features and needs of the German and Belgian healthcare
  • team member interviews in Belgium and Germany
  • brainstorming workshop with AXA Partners headquarters and multidisciplinary Belgian and German team
  • extra stakeholder interviews
  • discussion of the first draft document -general strategy
  • defining subsegments and choices for each specific market
  • discussion of the second draft document
  • workshop to build value propositions in short, medium and long term until 2023
  • discussion on the third draft document
  • presentation and validation by the entire management team
  • a decision on priority actions for the current year


  • focused and vivid attention of both management teams on future growth
  • less internal discussion time: it took 4 months from start to final document and validation
  • team members in both markets feel equally involved and supported
  • critical audit of assets and future needs to innovate, shared by all team members
  • integrated choices in both the Belgian and German market, in line with headquarter strategy, but with market-specific accents
  • one shared vision and document for both markets
  • ‘handbook’-style report, easy to use for business development and marketing team
  • realistic yet ambitious priorities for the current year, midterm and long term with the validation pyramid
  • ready to start first growth-oriented operational activities
  • acceleration of the teleconsultation launch in Belgium

Ready to decide upon your strategic healthcare actions too? You can call me at +32 O472 62 98 16 or reach out by email:

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