How do health professionals use teleconsultations?

recently we all started using more telehealth. What's your experience?

‘Thanks’ to covid_19, over 4,5 million teleconsultations have been held in Belgium over 3 months in spring 2020. All over Europe, digital health is booming and many health care organisations accelerate the implementation of telehealth services. They want to be prepared for next waves in the pandemic and a near future.

Belgian learning group

In 2020, dashplus hosted a Belgian learning group on teleconsultations. Our aim was to:

  • exchange best practices
  • build even more qualitative teleconsultation processes and
  • explore the case for digital healthcare services throughout the care continuum.

I was happy to cooperate with some of the finest people and best Belgian companies in this learning group, like Cliniques de l’Europe, UZ Brussel, Telemedi,, Bloomup,  Certimed, AZ Delta and Hallux podologists. 

And we’re also interested in your opinion!

We want to know what health professionals all over Europe think of telehealth.
That’s why we’ve launched a 2 minutes-survey.

We want to have as many participants as possible and connect to physicians, nurses and other professionals all over the world.

Join us and: 

Mastermind group telehealth

I start with a brand new mastermind group on telehealth. A small, confidential group where you’ll learn how your company can build new products around telehealth.

You will benefit in 3 ways:

  • You will learn about telehealth in Europe and how it is implemented
  • You will get the unique opportunity to share expertise and learn between trusted peers
  • You will join a group of multidisciplinary people aiming to build the best telehealth services.


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