About Sofie and dashplus

Hi, I am Sofie Staelraeve and I founded dashplus in 2016. I hold a PhD in Political Science and a Management degree.

For the past 15 years, I have been working intensively in the European health business ecosystem. First in research and education, then in public policy and later with many small companies as well as corporates. I served on several boards of directors in the sector. 

‘dashplus’ refers to progress and agility, like the character from the movie The Incredibles who can run very fast. Because this is what we do for our customers and readers: we enhance their situation by  giving them business advice, insights and education. 

Our shared mission is to speed up health care innovations so to realise value-based healthcare.   

dashplus is now a health care consulting company working with a network of 6 innovation-driven personalities that have innovation, legal, technical and medical expertise. We have worked in several European countries.  

I’m living in Belgium with my husband and two kids. And I’m also passionate about music, chocolate, running & yoga, and travelling.