“My aim: to create integrated health companies.”

Value based is all about achieving better outcomes for patients and society.
We need new style health companies, using new business models to reach better health and quality of life.

Sofie holds a PhD in Political Sciences, specialising in public policy on social matters and on innovations in periods of crisis and disruption. She knows about formal and informal decision-making, about shared interests, about empathy with patients. She is a network enthusiast and knows how to translate research into hands-on execution.

Having had a parent suffering from a severe illness for the last 25 years, she has experienced that traditional social and health systems do not provide the necessary support. Ever since, she has been intrigued by how change promotes opportunities in this particular area. And health care is changing all over the world.

Sofie answers the call for change with a dynamic dash forward. Her aim is to boost health entrepreneurs in making innovations happen. She is a fast runner, even without Dash’s superhero suit — you know, the guy in red from Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Sofie Staelraeve van Dashplus