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Healthcare strategy

Define your healthcare strategy and bring it to success

Go to market

Start and leverage your go to market journey. Open doors to partnerships.


Stakeholder management

Understand the healthcare system. Engage with stakeholders.


Faster and better strategic decisions

You are moving towards value based healthcare. You have to decide on new value propositions and business models. You want to make strategic decisions for the future. You are new in the healthcare ecosystem.     

The outcome:

  • Your team will be able to document and understand international healthcare trends.
  • You can define a clear strategy for the years to come and take focused decisions.
  • Your plan will get internal support.  
  • Your team will  know how to implement the new vision.     

You can also book a business workshop to get feedback. Win up to 2 months acceleration time in one day.

They made faster and better strategic decisions:


Start and leverage your go to market journey

You’re building a new healthcare product or service. You have defined your healthcare strategy. Now it’s time to reach out to users and customers. You want to build partnerships in the healthcare ecosystem. 

The result:

  • You and your  B2B customers speak the same language 
  • Your go to market approach is accurate  
  • You understand who will be your most valuable partners
  • You have opened doors to these partners and you are equiped to make partnership agreements   
  • Your team gets honnest feedback and support

I also act as a member of the jury for international pitches and health innovation competitions or as a moderator for your debate.

Some usecases:


Stakeholder management

New  healthcare services and products have an impact on the HC system. Understanding how the system works and knowing your external stakeholders is often crucial to your impact. Stakeholder management is a combination of policy and engagement. It takes expertise and time.

The outcome:

  • You know which stakeholders are important for you and why.
  • You have a stakeholder plan.
  • You have documented policy processes.
  • Your team knows how to reach out to different (public) stakeholders.
  • Your reputation in the healthcare ecosystem is good.
  • You create impact.  

Our shared mission here is to make those changes that really lead to quality of life and better outcomes in health.

I also give in-house training on stakeholder management.

They invested in good external relationships and win impact:

Our mission: value based health care

At dashplus we’re inspired by value based healthcare (VBHC): we want to contribute to modern healthcare that’s patient-centric, integrated and enhances people’s quality of life.  

So we’re highly engaged towards health prevention, digital health and outcome based business models        

If you share this commitment, we’re very happy to help your company too. 

You can count at all times on open, qualitative and flexible cooperation. I love to work hands-on, based on confidentiality and respect.     


They are moving forward

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