market access and stakeholder management

In our consulting work we combine in-depth expertise in the health care system and industry with an extensive network that makes you move forward.

We have worked for digital health, medtech, pharma, insurance, investors, startups, health providers and government.

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Our health care consultancy services for
digital health, pharma, insurance, government...

health care strategic advice

Health care strategy

Define and support your strategy, based on in-depth health system and market insights

go to market health innovations

Market access

Start and leverage your market access. Build and manage partnerships.

stakeholder management public policy

Stakeholder management

Engage with external and internal stakeholders for agendasetting, support and public policy.

Innovation and modern health care

Our steadfast purpose aligns with that of our customers: delivering better, more accessible, and modern health care services. This impact-driven approach ensures that dashplus is a true partner, offering flexible options. 

Our work encompasses all relevant trends in health: digital health & telehealth, prevention and lifestyle medicine, medical technologies, health insurance & employee benefits, health care ventures, AI in health, sustainability, …  

Whether we work as a sparring partner, scout or project lead, we are proud to have  trusted relationships with management teams and boards.

health care consultancy
health care consultancy

More than consulting: content and communities

dashplus is more than a life sciences and health care consultancy firm.  We create inspiring content and communities to help you actively build knowledge, engage in discussion and connect with others. 

Because mutual exchange and trust are the driving forces behind innovation with impact.

Ask us for a workshop, educational session, webinar, report, policy paper or stakeholder community for your team or customers.  

Or join one of the current dashplus communities: 

What's in a name?

Maybe you are wondering what the name dashplus means? It refers to dash, the kid from the Incredibles-family that can run very very fast. Similarly, dashplus helps  you get ahead.  

I founded dashplus in 2017, but the dashplus-force is now a network of like-minded freelance team members and partners. It includes medical, legal, technical, business development and marketing expertise.   

My team and I have a deep understanding of healthcare in Belgium and other European countries. I have successfully executed projects across Germany, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, and Slovakia.

Our client list includes AXA Belgium, Roche, Doktr, Doctena, CM-MC, Meep, Helan, Liantis and many more.

Some of our happy clients

Strategy, Go to market

Market research for and implementation of digital health services in AXA health insurance.


Session for Liantis about lifestyle medicine and how hospitals worldwide invest in preventive health services  


Development of new digital employee health benefits. Market insights and strategic decisions.

Stakeholder management, Strategy

I advised this telehealth corporate startup on go to market strategy and stakeholder management.

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