The future role of health insurance companies

The future role of health insurance companies

Health insurance companies are re-defining themselves to be more attractive to modern customers and meet the government’s expectations at the same time.

What new roles can we take as a public health insurance company? What new services to offer and what new business model is possible to do so?

The question: I was asked to help the board of a Belgian health insurance company in this strategic exercise.

We prepared an extensive board meeting packed with insights, Q&A and discussion including:

  • the most important features of European public healthcare payment systems
  • 5 future models for payment systems and their effect on health insurance companies
  • innovative leaders in health insurance and what they do
  • 3 future roles: suggestion of what role to take and what this implies in terms of services, partners, … (business model)
  • lots of international examples

All questions of board members were answered, either on the spot or afterwards. All documents were shared afterwards.

The result: all board members

  • learned to see their situation from an international perspective
  • shared their vision on different aspects of the future role
  • knew what they had to decide
  • were ready to agree on the 5-year strategic plan

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