Learn and exchange with peers on telehealth

We gather for 2-weekly online sessions, plus you receive extensive material, use cases and sources we use during the sessions.

Here’s what previous participants say:

InesDermatologist and co-founder of Telemedi​
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Participating in the mastermind group can be seen as a fast-forward for anyone who is already working in digital healthcare. It offers an excellent network and new, surprising insights.
BartManaging Director, Certimed​
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I experienced the group as a step towards a digital future and taking away barriers between multiple disciplines in the healthcare ecosystem. ​
ChristelBehaviour, ABFT, EFT and EFFT therapist​
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It was great to be part of this diverse group that was very inspiring in creating and promoting safe, reliable and easily accessible e-(mental) health that deserves a permanent place in healthcare.
LiekeNeurological speech therapist and founder of Afasietherapie​
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E-health will not replace physicians or therapists. However, physicians and therapists who use e-health will replace those who do not.
SarahNurse and dietitian, Academic Hospital​
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Before Covid-19, our department had no experience with using teleconsultations. We quickly started doing so when the pandemic began. It was enriching to hear colleagues talk about how they had already worked out such a system. It provided me with insights and new ideas for our practice.
MiekePhoniatrician and founder of TelePHON.digtal​
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The learning group I was glad to be part of, can best be described by using the following three words: know-how, intellect and enthusiasm. I call them bees: beguiling and eager intellectual experts.

Mastermind group on telehealth

In 2020, Covid-19 changed the world. And everywhere, it opened a window for telehealth. Telemedicine is now widely used for primary care, mental health, dermatology and much more.  

Tackling telehealth challenges together

If your company is planning to build telehealth services, or you think of building a telehealth offer, then this mastermind is perfect for you. Because telehealth is here to stay and it’s time to take next steps. Benefit from it.

This is the programme:

  • Session 1Introduction to telehealth: What? Evolutions? Discussion points, trends, problems and opportunities. Business model, outcomes, quality rules for telehealth.

  • Session 2Telehealth in France, Germany, Belgium, the Nordics. Organisation, insights, ecosystem.

  • Session 3Telehealth in a few other countries (chosen by the group) + selection of the questions and needs the group wants to solve together in session 4.

  • Session 4Masterminds think alike: we brainstorm and help each other answer the problems, questions and needs selected by the group.

  • Session 51-on-1: in an individual session with dashplus we confidentially discuss your specific questions and needs together. You also have the option of choosing a confidential session with 1 peer from the group.

The sessions take place online, usually on Friday afternoons. Each session lasts 2 hours.

Some interesting facts:

  • In Scotland, the use of videoconsultations increased by 1.000% in two weeks.
  • Consults in Australia were hosted virtually in 0,2% of the cases in February 2020. By April 2020 this share had reached 35%.
  • Before the pandemic, European healthcare professionals used telehealth mostly for managing patients chronic diseases. Since Covid-19, a shift is made towards first-visit patients and returning patients who had not visited a doctor for a long time.
  • France reimbursed 40.000 teleconsults a month in pre-Covid times. During the pandemic, this increased by a 10-fold in one week.
  • Last summer, televisits in the US made up 21% of total doctor visits. Before the pandemic, this was less than 0,01%.

Want to join an exclusive mastermind group?

dashplus hosts limited mastermind groups on telehealth.

What to expect from the mastermind group telehealth?

You will benefit in 3 ways:

  • You will learn about telehealth in Europe and how it is implemented
  • You will get the unique opportunity to share expertise and learn between trusted peers
  • You will join a group of multidisciplinary people aiming to build the best telehealth services.

I’m looking forward to seeing you! 


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