Proximus launches Doktr – a patient centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Doktr - a patient centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Belgian telecom provider Proximus recently announced Doktr, a patient-centric video consultation app for all Belgians. With this launch, Proximus- like other telecom companies worldwide– invests in future-proof healthcare.

I’m proud to advise this great corporate startup team and be part of an exciting journey!

And I will tell you why...

But first, watch the video:

With this initiative, Proximus responds to specific challenges in healthcare today:

  • physicians looking for efficiencies and support as they face high pressures;
  • patients looking for a safe and easy way to see a doctor;
  • a healthcare system facing a need for sustained digital innovation post-corona.

And other countries have invested in telehealth too: in France and Germany for example, or in the Nordics (where, the Swedish partner of Proximus is active).

We know a hybrid system offers efficiencies, comfort and quality for both patients, healthcare providers and the system.

We also know it’s a step towards a value-based healthcare system: with more prevention and lifestyle medicine made possible, and with more quality of life.

And we didn’t even mention the value of lower mobility, sick leave and time cost for patients yet. Or lower infrastructure cost for care providers. And medical guard costs, occupational health issues, ect.. Imagine the job opportunities for medical-digital talents in the telehealth space.

Doktr starts with EBM-based basic primary care by physicians with an active practice and credentials in Belgium, working in dedicated blocks on the platform. A pre-triage, in combination with digital training and super easy to use tool, makes it possible for them to deliver qualitative care, from their office or from home. And this is only the beginning..

Many doctors, hospitals, professionals, .. are enthousiastic and cooperate already.

Of course, every new journey might be frightening, or is subject to criticism

(what did you think?:))

But what is sure, is that we want to set-up a great opportunity for the whole healthcare ecosystem to put Belgium at the forefront of telehealth:

  • doctors
  • other healthcare providers
  • payers
  • startups
  • corporates
  • government and administration: federal and regional
  • ….

The time is now to take 2 steps forward

That’s why the team will be happy to explain this new service to all of you who are interested to build that value-based future together. Join us!

You can reach out by mail to or

Also if you want to explore telehealth, feel free to contact me.

Or do you want to receive the latest information on the Doktr-project in Belgium? Join the dashplus newsletter community too. (it’s free):

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