Proximus launches Doktr: a patient-centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Doktr - a patient centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Belgian telecom provider Proximus just launched Doktr, a patient-centric video consultation app for all Belgians. With this product, Proximus- like other telecom companies worldwide– invests in future-proof healthcare.

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Here’s why Doktr might help to bring Belgium to the forefront of digital health in Europe ...

But first, watch the video:

With this initiative, the Belgian telecom company Proximus responds to specific healthcare challenges today:

  • physicians looking for efficiencies and support as they face high pressures;
  • patients looking for a safe and easy way to see a doctor;
  • a healthcare system facing a need for sustained digital innovation post-corona.

Other countries have invested in telehealth too: France and Germany for example. And in the Nordics, where the Swedish partner of Proximus is active, telehealth is a commodity for over 5 years now. Based on this experience, we know 10-12% of all primary care consultations are digital-first.

We know a hybrid system offers efficiencies, comfort and quality for patients, healthcare providers and the system all along.

We also know telehealth is a step towards a value-based healthcare system: with more prevention and lifestyle medicine made possible, and with more quality of life. Imagine for example the power you can give to health literacy by using this kind of communication platform.

Or think about the value of lower mobility and time costs for patients. Or lower infrastructure cost for care providers and more work-life balance. Also, the organisation of medical guards or the effectiveness of occupational health can be helped … And just imagine the job opportunities for medical-digital talents in the telehealth space.

Doktr starts with EBM-based basic primary care by physicians with active practice and credentials in Belgium. They work in dedicated blocks on the platform. There is a pre-triage flow making it possible for them to deliver qualitative care, from their office or from home. In combination with digital training and a super easy-to-use tool, the GP’s working on the platform co-create the future.

At the launch of Doktr in 2021, we organised a reach out to and discussion with all stakeholders in the Belgian ecosystem. And in the year after the launch, there was a regular update with all stakeholders. We informed the entire ecosystem on international regulations and trends in the field of telehealth.

We have also build partnerships with mutualities CM, Solidaris, GP organisation Domus Medica, local communities, University of Ghent and private health insurer AG Insurance.

We supported the Doktr-team with insights and trainings. By summer 2022, 100k Belgians downloaded the Doktr-app.


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