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Important for every new project in healthcare: know your stakeholders

Knowing and working with your stakeholders is an essential skill for any project manager in healthcare.

Our stakeholder report addresses the key questions: what is a stakeholder? Who are the most important stakeholders in healthcare? How are they connnected? Why invest in stakeholder management? How do you build a stakeholder strategy?  How do you engage important stakeholders in healthcare? 

Important for every new project in healthcare know your stakeholders

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How to identify and engage your stakeholders in healthcare projects

Stakeholder management is a crucial aspect of any healthcare project, as it involves understanding and communicating with the people who have an interest or influence in the project’s outcome.

Stakeholders can be internal or external, such as patients, clinicians, managers, payers, regulators, and partners.

To identify your stakeholders, you can use different methods, such as brainstorming, mapping, analysis, and segmentation.

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Important for every new project in healthcare: know your stakeholders

How to use stakeholder analysis to improve your healthcare project success

Once you have identified your stakeholders, you need to analyze their needs, expectations, and potential impact on your project.

You can develop a stakeholder engagement plan that defines how you will communicate and collaborate with each stakeholder group throughout the project lifecycle.

This will help you build trust, reduce risks, and increase the chances of achieving your project goals.