Mastermind group for healthcare practitioners

Take your healthcare practice to new heights with our mastermind group designed specifically for health & medical practitioners.   

Join our free and exclusive group of like-minded peers and experience a journey of professional and personal development. 

By joining our mastermind group, you will have the opportunity to learn from fellow professionals and unlock the full potential for your practice. Whether you’re just starting a practice or you’re more experienced: in this group, you will find inspiration, exchange and support.

Just one hour a month can make a big difference!   

Not a healthcare professional?

We’re happy to send you our insights and advice on digital health.

What is a mastermind group?

In these challenging times, health professionals experience tremendous pressure. Everyone has to tackle the same problems in practice. Fortunately, we can learn a lot from peers.

A supportive community for networking and development

  • An (online) place where you meet with (para-)medical professionals from different disciplines.
  • where we discuss issues all health care practitioners are facing right now
  • and we explore new answers to these to these questions
  • in an environment that allows active exchange and learning
  • and you’ll find fresh motivation and ideas to elevate your practice
  • build your professional network 

For whom?

1. Working in practice: You are active in your own practice, a group practice, a health centre, a health organisation

2. All health and medical professions are welcome
Whether you’re a GP, specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist, pharmacist, osteopath, dietician, … you’re welcome to join. It’s refreshing to cooperate. 

3. You want to feel comfortable   
In order to work qualitatively, we prefer to have max 20 people in the mastermind group.

4. You can join online 
We typically meet online, 1 hour/month. You only need a mail address and internet connection.

Cultivate your leadership

We think it’s high time to take a closer look at the changing world of the health practitioner. That’s why we will discuss relevant topics like:

  • Practice management
  • How do you respond to the huge need for more prevention and lifestyle medicine?
  • What about new ways of working?
  • Who do you turn to for mentorship?
  • How do you profile your practice and keep joy in your work?
  • How to make better referrals?

Practical info and arrangements

Our mastermind group will have its next meeting on
22 March 2024 at 1 pm (until 2 pm). We host a regular online gathering each month.  
Sofie (dashplus) guides the group and we all respect confidentiality. The mastermind group is completely free, all you have to do is actively schedule that hour and see it as a gift to yourself!

Join the group & feel the power

Looking forward to meeting you,


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We believe it’s high time to take a closer look at the changing world of the (para-)medical professional.