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I advise all kinds of organisations regarding to:

Dashplus: understand the health market

Health Care Market

I share market insights and reports on the health business ecosystem.

The health care industry is as diverse and complex as the local and regional markets in which it operates. We coach you in bringing innovations and ideas to this market by sharing our expertise on current and emerging trends, health systems, regulations, competition, and customers.

Blogs on Health Care Market:

Health Care Strategy

Define and shape your health strategy / activate your innovation track.
You’re the new kid on the block in healthcare. We help to shape your strategy and activate your innovation track.


  • By defining and documenting your aims, target group, .. your business model.
  • By giving you input, feedback and critical self-reflection on all points of your model.
  • By prioritising steps and activities to reach your strategy.
  • By keeping an eye (or two) on the time table and budget.
  • By implementing, together with your team, decided strategy or projects leading to value based health.
  • By workshops and lectures.

Blogs on Health Care Strategy:

Dashplus: find customers and partners


I help you to find business partners and create new and stronger cooperations on a national and global level.
Cooperation is one of the cornerstones of value-based health. No company, health professional or organization can do this all alone, because VBHC is about life quality. Value for patients is created and grows through (new) partnerships, mostly with unexpected partners. Cooperation leads to extra channels, clients and better outcomes.

We help you to create new and stronger partnerships on a national and global level.


  • By defining what type of partners you need.
  • By scouting those parties who share ambitions, culture and needs.
  • By introducing you to them.
  • By connecting new players along the value chain.
  • By defining shared value and focusing on what to do to reach your aimed value together.
  • By creating multidisciplinary teams.
  • By advising you in managing your stakeholders and make sure key players you need will be on board.  So partners become a part of each others story in a sustainable way.

Blogs on Partnerships:

Dashplus: convince stakeholders

Public Relations

Prepare stakeholder management and build strong public networks. I help you to convince stakeholders for policy change that’s essential to scale up health innovations and have an impact on quality of life of people.   


Blogs on Public Relations:

Starting point for our cooperation is always the drive to reach value based health care

I always work as a neutral and short or long term project based advisor. I work as an active member of your team or board and share fully and open hearted with you, live as well as digitally.

Together, we are focused on our goal, not in terms of documents and powerpoints, but in terms of actions, networks and results. Our cooperation is based on a good agreement, confidentiality and trust.

You only pay what you use.

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