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Starting an adventure in healthcare can be both exciting and challenging. As you navigate this dynamic field, consider the support of a healthcare consultant.

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Start your healthcare journey on the right foot. Let dashplus be your trusted advisor, guiding you through your challenges and opportunities to create a positive impact in the world of healthcare innovation.

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Proximus launches Doktr: a patient-centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Belgian telecom provider Proximus just launched Doktr, a patient-centric video consultation app for all Belgians. With this product, Proximus- like other telecom companies worldwide– invests in future-proof healthcare. dashplus advised this great corporate startup team on strategy and stakeholder management. Here’s why Doktr might help to bring Belgium to the forefront of digital health in

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The Belgian digital health ecosystem in 2017

Healthtech is a broad sector note: this article was first published in january 2018. This is an updated version of september 2019 (1).  Worldwide, HealthTech or digital health is one of the top sectors for startups and scaleups. In general, we speak of HealthTech referring to companies that use software or data to improve efficiency and

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