What is a node and what has it to do with health?

One of the credos I keep in mind while blogging is helping you to change from ‘health explorer to health node’. I guess you’ve already experienced the explorer-part yourself; so let me explain the other part: what is a node and what does it have to do with health?

Technical geeks and nodes

Tech-geeks, computer scientists and maths whizzkids know the word ‘node’ very well. It is frequently used for a connection point or node in a computer network.
Nodes are devices or parts that can work independently (e.g. a PC), but when they are all connected in the system they are stronger. Nodes allow a system to work, and they enable connections and insights from the system. The term is also used in biology: here, a node is the point where new leaves grow out. And in the world of blockchain, nodes are structures that ensure the security and validation of payments.

Our brains and nodes

Our brain is megacomplex and beautifully constructed. Often, it is compared to the internet or to a computer. Every substance, every connection and every part of our brain ensures that we can experience or do specific things – all of this happens in a split second and with only very limited energy consumption. Fantastic! When we talk about nodes (or hubs) in the brain, this refers to larger areas or anchor points within these complex connections.

Nodes are places within the brain where a great amount of knowledge comes together and connections are forged.

Research shows that the strength of the nodes and hubs influences our memory.

From brains to health care

We know very little about our brain. Within the health care sector there is still a wealth of opportunities and need for knowledge that would make many disorders more understandable and treatable. That is one thing.

But there is also a link with the healthcare system itself: this is often complex and with little cooperation in nodes around the user. In order to meet new challenges,  such as an ageing population and chronic diseases, players in the health care system will also have to work more closely together to achieve better value and quality of life.

Cooperation over and outside the entire broad healthcare sector will be needed. The choice of your collaboration (the strength of your node if you like) will impact your result. And thus for your position within the healthcare ecosystem.

Health entrepreneurs act as nodes

As a health entrepreneur, you might often feel like drowning in information and in need of practical tips and tools to make your project work.  You might be inspired by other people’s stories and how they struggled to develop new products and services successfully. And it might be a support for you to know we all have the same questions and doubts. Because little is shared and told about the worries and questions as well as the pleasures all health entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs) face during the innovator’s journey.

Let me be your buddy in taking these steps

You want to grow and start innovations in health. You want to make a difference to the quality of life of many people. That is your dream and your ambition.

I want to give you the tools, time and answers that will make you grow in health & care. So visit the dashplus blog or follow the Linkedin or Facebook-page to stay tuned.




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