31 daily tips for health entrepreneurs


Soon we will start the free article series ’31 days to successful healthcare entrepreneurship’, full of practical tips and to do’s to make your entrepreneurship in health & care a success.

In this project you will receive useful information and tips for a month to make your renewal in care and well-being a success. The idea is that whoever has good ideas for innovation in health, whoever is a health care entrepreneur, will get a push in the back. Do not let that idea or plan rust, but start it. And if you’ve already started: what else can you pay attention to and what might help you to progress?
The 31 tips are practically made up and want to give you a lot of information. You receive them daily in your mailbox, so you do not have to worry too much. And if there is a part you’re not really interested in, just skip it. We make links to background information, tools and examples, so that you can continue to dig deeper if you wish.

Of course I do not have the truth on my own. Nor can I be complete. That is why colleagues also contribute to this series. That is why your experiences and tips are also welcome. Moreover, it is not our main intention to be complete – we just want to help you in that path to successful innovation in health & care. See the series as a preview; a support – sometimes just to finally deal with things and not to doubt.

The 31 tips are built around 7 blocks. All of them are important in your process towards care entrepreneurship. Each block is discussed several days in a row. In this way we are building up for success. We will be talking about:

  • your strategy and some concepts
  • your customer / target group
  • your product or service
  • your business model
  • start your own business in health?
  • financing of health entrepreneurship
  • marketing and growth or upscaling

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