Harnessing the power of preventive health business development

Harnessing the power of preventive health business development cover

The market of preventive health solutions will keep on growing in the years to come. The reason is simple: preventive health has a major impact on quality of life and on healthcare efficiency and costs.

In the Western world, we are confronted with a chronic disease pandemic. Ageing population means we need more healthcare workers. Companies in all sectors are desperately looking for talent. But sick leave rates continue to rise and re-integration is hard.

In addition, European countries spend on average only 2,8% of the total health budget on prevention.

Hence, private actors, like health insurances, pharma and digital health companies are now developing new products, services and business models in preventive health. And they are doing so within a preventive health ecosystem.

We have been writing about preventive health for a while now. Here you can find all our articles (including webinars + 1 usecase) on the topic.

Feel free to explore them all or just one. I hope it will inspire you to harness the power of preventive health business development.

On the definition of preventive health : what is it?

On what role do healthcare providers have in the preventive ecosystem?

On new business development in preventive health

Consultancy: what we can do for you

We advise companies on preventive health: build your strategy, decide how to go to market and manage stakeholders for preventive health innovations.


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