cheat sheet for a bold health prevention policy


If you are a local policy-maker, then a healthy city is definitely at the top of your priority list.

But how do you set up a bold and innovative health policy?

Here are some principles and examples you can follow∗.
If you want to know more about such an approach, also get inspired by this column in the Artsenkrant (article written in Dutch).

Go for a bold target and call it out loudly.
Example: the city of Amsterdam aims to have 2 extra healthy years for every citizen by 2025.

Go less for campaigns and more for health nudges: little pushes that help people towards healthy behaviour. Everywhere.
Example: the city of Wevelgem

cooperate with many others, preferably online. Share the costs and revenues.
Examples: city of Hasselt and alles is

Turn your city into a living test environment for innovation: give technology to your citizens and let them collect their health data. Make your city truly connected.
Example: city of Turnhout

Allow companies to contribute to and learn from smart prevention. Apply the strengths of your cities ecosystem for health prevention design and activities.
Example: Kortrijk (building an environment scan together with researchers and companies)  and Groningen (use the expertise of energy companies to learn about health in city districts).

So, if you are in the process of building your health strategy, use this inspiration.

Also check out the work of @MachteldHuber and her Institute for Positive Health and the 7E-model of Fran Bambust if you need extra sources.

Looking for more contacts and tools to support your health strategy? Just ask.


∗The examples are situated in Flanders and Netherlands, but I’m sure you can find plenty other ones elsewhere.


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