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workshop: basics to start, innovate and grow in health

How to innovate in health: workshop based on the blog series

This spring, I wrote a free blog series called ’31 days to innovate in health’. Readers of the series got a dedicated daily e-mail with a tip, explanation, examples and a to-do to build their health entrepreneurship. I also shared my own experiences and insights as a health entrepreneur and asked for yours.


The series was a success: people shared their feedback on the subjects, colleagues wrote guest blogs and the e-mail list kept growing – even though the entire series would take about 3 weeks reading time and the blogs were not always easy peasy. Several people asked me the possibility to have a 31tips-workshop that would combine most important insights and sources, ready for use in their team.

It got me thinking

Although I didn’t really plan to give training, it might be a way to bring the 31 steps to more people. It might be a good preparation for teams to start.
It might help teams to be more effective because they:

  • use the same tools
  • exchange on the steps to take and
  • speak the same language, whether they have a medical, technical or sales role.

It might be a way for teams to hold a pause and look back on the progress they have already made. It might help health teams to innovate and scale up faster.
So I collected the most important guidelines from the 31-days tips, added the most appealing examples of what other health entrepreneurs have done and gathered necessary tools and sources for you.

This is now all included in a half-day workshop which you can book from now on. It is designed especially for teams up to 10 people and gives you a profound yet practical guide to start, innovate and grow in health & care.

The workshop tackles these topics: 

  • the specificities of the health system you are working in
  • 3 things you definitely need to do in this sector (and 3 things you need to avoid)
  • fundamental health innovation steps
  • realistic goals and timings to grow income with your innovation
  • tools you can use to help your entrepreneurship in health
  • who’s who in the health business ecosystem
  • trends and new technologies and their relevance for your business model in health
  • how to get funding or investment in health
  • how to convince stakeholders for your innovation
The workshop covers the most important basics and insights from the 31 days-tips, together with many appealing examples of international health entrepreneurs.

This workshop is for you if you are a:

  • corporate team starting in health and care
  • healthcare organization starting an innovation project
  • health education searching for more entrepreneurial skills
  • seasoned team looking for new insights into health care business development
  • public service in need of entrepreneurial knowledge

This is what your team will gain: 

  • understand the steps you should take to build a profitable health business
  • know how to transform your goal into a new health product
  • hear about innovators examples in health
  • learn about the international health ecosystem and trends
  • discover what tools you can use to grow your business model
  • know how to find investment
  • be inspired to turn your ideas into action!

Do you want to book the ‘how to innovate in health’ workshop? 

You can call me at  ++32 (0)472 62 98 16 or e-mail sofie@dashplus.be

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