Basics to grow in health

How to start and grow your business in health care

Dashplus E-Book: Basics to grow in health

Being successful in health takes expertise, patience and flexibility. But most of all it takes action.

Worldwide, healthcare is changing. New legal frameworks and competencies are needed, companies are changing their business models and health is a top startup and scale-up sector.

This e-book is for health entrepreneurs and people working in the health ecosystem. 


How do you start your project and what does it take to build a successful business model in healthcare? What steps to take first and what next? 

Find all of the essential information you need. Discover tools to use and networks to reach out to. Take one of the 30+ actions to make your company grow in healthcare. 

Basics to grow in health’ aims to bring you focus and practical support in your health innovation journey. Use it as your buddy.

You can find these chapters in the e-book:

  1. Be prepared to act. Three things you need to know before you start.
  2. Feel the heartbeat of your customer. Customers, end users and target groups-no patients. Market research and marketing in health care.
  3. Build your product. How to build a MVP and test it. Types of MVP’s and what can help you.
  4. What is your business model? How to decide? What do all these B’s mean? Dive into B2B, B2C, platform, hybrid, .. and others in health and care. New channels to use in your business model. Pricing.
  5. Where is the money? Public and private investors, crowdfunding in health, angel investors en corporate venturing. 
  6. Go to market and growth. Tenders and customers. Go international. Your team and advisory board.

The book includes many examples and useful sources. It also gives  over 30 actions to take to help your health company grow.

Dashplus is all about inspiring and supporting health innovators from around the world. We focus on the topics of digital health and prevention. 

We help healthcare companies with business advice, insights in our 2-weekly newsletter and workshops.   

Sofie founded dashplus after having extensively worked with all players in the health ecosystem and has over 10 years experience. 

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