COVID-19 vaccination can use telehealth

As many countries prepare huge COVID-19 vaccinations in the months to come, telehealth might also be useful to ‘get your jab’ and deploy this operation fast and cost-efficient.

Teleconsultations have already proven their use and effectiveness in the battle against the coronavirus. And it works in all parts of the cycle of care: from prevention to recovery. 

So, could telehealth help us in the vaccination schedule? Of course. 

Here’s some inspiration for decision-makers, preparing their operational plans for covid-19 vaccination right now: 

1. Qdoctor, a telehealth company helps NHS and UK-government to roll out covid19-vaccination.

2. We know telehealth also helps in the follow-up of the vaccination process and the surveillance of infection thresholds 

3. the logistics of the covid19-vaccinations will ask for safe places for triage, education and  follow-up of appointments 

4. Telehealth has proven to be cost-efficient to monitor international visitors and people in quarantine and thus in reducing the contamination level

Feel free to share your ideas or questions with me on the topic. 

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And if you’re interested in how to use telehealth in the care process to the best, share your thoughts and questions with international peers, and learn about qualitative teleconsultations, you’re more than welcome to join our international mastermind group!



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