AXA first to launch teleconsultation to over 50k Belgians

Insurance company AXA announced to start with teleconsultations in the Belgian market as from 1 July 2019. More than 50 000 Belgians, all customers of AXA’s health insurance, will get free access to the service.

AXA and its service partner company AXA Partners already have over 5 years experience with teleconsultations in France. Just a few months ago, the French government started the reimbursement of teleconsultations.

AXA is one of the largest private insurance companies in Belgium with almost 3 million customers. CEO Jef Van In of AXA Belgium said health is a strategic priority within the AXA group and AXA wants to move ahead in digital health. This way, they want to make healthcare more accessible to their customers.

A consultation within 30 minutes

The teleconsultation service makes it possible to speak to a certified GP 24/7 wherever you are- in Belgium or abroad. It will be possible to speak to a doctor within 30 minutes.

People will only need to have a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

If you want to use the teleconsultation service, you will first get in touch with a nurse to prepare the actual consultation. You will receive a unique access code to enter the digital waiting room.

At the chosen time, contact is made between you and a GP.

AXA Partners, who delivers the service, cooperates with certified GP’s that speak Dutch and/or French. The doctor can help you with a diagnose, advice and/or referral.

Teleconsultations happen within a fully secured environment and use all quality protocols of a physical consultation. After the teleconsultation, a medical report is added to the health record of the patient.

AXA launches teleconsultations to Belgian market

2 out of 3 Belgians already open for teleconsultations

CEO Christophe Marius of AXA Partners is very happy with the Belgian launch: ‘our market research has shown 64% of the Belgians is ready and open to communicate with a doctor online. Comfort is one of the main reasons: you win time, have no traffic issues and don’t have to leave your house to get medical help.’

The French experience with over 20k teleconsultations now has learned us 95% of teleconsultation users are very satisfied.

Worldwide, the AXA group is working hard to make digital health a commodity. Also prevention and mental health fit into this health focus. With Kamet, the AXA group has one of the most active corporate venturing funds in health.

The launch of teleconsultations on the Belgian market by AXA hopefully also supports others in the Belgian health business ecosystem to move forward!

dashplus helped the AXA group to prepare this launch with business advice in convincing public stakeholders.


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