4 reasons why telecom companies are interested in healthcare

4 reasons why telecom companies are interested in healthcare

What does a telecom operator do in healthcare?

Following the launch of Doktr by the Belgian telecom operator Proximus, you might wonder why telco companies are interested in healthcare?

The answer:

  1. Telco’s are rapidly transforming into broad digital service companies
  2. Telco’s have a broad base of customers
  3. Telco’s in Europe often have national legacies-just like healthcare sytems
  4. Many telco’s already invested in healthcare in recent years

Growing healthcare needs turn patients into consumers

We are facing major challenges within the healthcare industry.

The changing society and healthcare needs increase the demand for innovative solutions and transform the focus from diagnosis, disease and care to health, behavior and prevention.

In addition, today’s patients demand that their care needs be met 24/7, which puts enormous pressure on the care provider.

To optimize the communication process and make it “consumer proof,” it is necessary to embrace new technologies.

Not change the culture, but the structure.

Only telephony, the main communication medium between patient and healthcare provider, is no longer enough. The pressure on call centers continues to grow, but the peak loads can often not be absorbed by an increase in personnel, simply because there are no budgets for this.

This is where technology can offer great added value. Think, for example, of applications such as chat functions, video calls, automatic call-back requests, or reports.

These applications can, for example, reduce telephone congestion or provide insight into performance and trends, which can then be acted upon, for example in the form of more efficient staffing.

So, what if you see the right file in front of you with one click, if you don’t make mistakes because you don’t have to retype data? You will realize the efficiency that we need more and more.

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