Start your lobby track in healthcare

Start your lobby track

Public stakeholders are important in healthcare. And there are many of them…

If you want to have an impact, it’s important to know how the healthcare ecosystem works, how public policy decisions are made and which ones are important for your project.

But also: who are the most important players? And what’s their position?

The world looks different for a civil servant than for an entrepreneur. But rather than focusing on differences, it’s all about: what do we have in common?

As a PhD-holder in Political Sciences, I thought the dawn of the new Belgian government is a perfect moment to set up a lobby track for you: a 3-months coaching program where you learn about public stakeholder management, set it up for your project and receive trusted feedback and coaching during this period.

So you can make the change in healthcare you want to see.

Start the lobby track with your organisation (mature or startup, caregiver, company or even public stakeholder yourself)? Feel free to e-mail me at for more information.

If you just want to stay informed on the topic of public stakeholder management in healthcare, you can drop your name here:


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