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I’m happy to tell you the ebook ‘Basics to grow in health‘ is online now.

What can you expect?

Expect a practical guide giving fuel to your healthcare entrepreneurship ideas. It will help to grow your health care business and scale up your health innovations.

Expect many sources and tools to use during your health innovation journey.

In one place.

Expect +30 actions to take to help you win time and money.

Over and again.

Is ‘basics to grow in health’ interesting for you?

Yes, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your portfolio, partnerships or business model to tap new needs in health care. Maybe you’re not familiar with the different steps such changes need.

Or your company’s culture is focused on financial results and less on innovation validation.

Maybe your health team is small and knowledge is fragmented.

Being successful in health takes expertise, patience and flexibility. But most of all it takes action.

Yes, if you’re a healthcare professional dedicated to your core activities in a fast-changing world. You have wonderful ideas for change, but you are not used to building new revenue streams and scalable products.

And yes, if you’re a public health care stakeholder monitoring the health business ecosystem.

You have no time and money to lose

Health care entrepreneurship is as complex and as diverse as each national system. Many wonderful people in health work in silos, with little bits and pieces of information. At a certain point, they get stuck.

We need to change this, and help each other to move forward.

This is the purpose of the #basicstogrowinhealth ebook. I truly hope it will help you to feel informed and confident about what steps to take next for your health care business. I hope it will give you an overview of what’s possible in the health care market place.

You can find these chapters in ‘Basics to grow in health’

  1. Be prepared to act. 3 things you need to know before you start.
  2. Feel the heartbeat of your customer.
  3. Build your product and start the experiment. How to build a minimum viable product (MVP) and test it. Types of MVPs and what you need. Who can help you to test your product?
  4. Shape your business model. What is your business model? How to decide? What do all these B’s mean? Dive into B2B, B2C, platform, hybrid, .. and others in health and care. New channels to use in your business model.
  5. Financing of your entrepreneurship. Micro-financing, Public and private investment, crowdfunding, (corporate) venture capital.  
  6. Go to market and growth. Tenders and customers. Results of your innovation. Go international. Your place in the health business ecosystem.        


You can get your copy of the ebook here or you can find it on the Smashwords-platform.


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