Health apps will be refunded in Belgium


Belgian government recently launched the website, where you can read all about health apps and digital health solutions in Belgium: what are medical apps? What about the app you already use in terms of benefits, possibilities and reimbursement? And new on the mobile health front: companies can officially register their medical health app in Belgium from now on.

Reimbursement of health apps in Belgium

With this website, Belgium takes a next step in making digital health care more accessible and in the reimbursement of digital health. Doctors and other health care professionals are able now to see which apps the government believes are sufficient. They can use this as a basis for prescribing apps or suggest also others. And anyone can snore up the app he or she is using.

How to registrate your medical app product?   

Now, what does this mean for health app developpers? How does it work to have your medical app registrated?

As of the end of october 2018, you will be able to submit your health app via the website. This is the case for Belgian as well as for foreign entrepreneurs. And: I’m writing ‘health app’ but we’re actually talking about any digital solution that can be used in health and has a medical objective.

Then 3 points will be considered simultaneously:

1) Do you have a CE mark and are you in line with GDPR? Only these apps will be published on

2) Is the app interoperable and connectable with the basic service of the Belgian e-health platform?

3) Does the app adds health and economic value? Candidates will have to complete a RIZIV form. Reimbursement by the RIZIV is based on this third step. In the meantime, reimbursement might already be possible via a health insurance fund or a private insurer.

Federations Agoria and BeMedTech guide you through the entire application process. You can already request more information via the contact form on the website. Are you a (Belgian) digital health entrepreneur or are you working on health care innovation? You can prepare yourself by the end of October.

Stay tuned if you want to keep informed- I’ll write on this topic regurlarly.

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