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How to start and grow your business in health care

Sssst, I’m writing at this moment. In a few weeks, the ebookBasics to grow in health‘ will be published and I’m finalising it now..

What to expect?

Expect a practical guide with all basic steps to grow your health care business.

Expect many sources and tools to use during your health innovation journey

In one place.

Expect +30 actions to take to help you win time and money.

Over and again.

What’s the problem?

1.I often work with corporate entrepreneurs. Maybe you’re one of them.

You want to launch new products, create spin-offs or start corporate venturing in health. You see the impact of digital and ageing and the ongoing innovation need in health care. Whether you’re a small or large company, you want to build your portfolio, your partnerships or your business model to tap new needs in health care. But you’re not familiar with the different steps such changes need. Your internal culture is used to fast business and financial results, and health knowledge is fragmented.

2. I also work with health organisations. Maybe you’re one of them.

You’re dedicated to your core activities in a fast-changing world. New channels, financing systems and customer demands knock on your door. You have wonderful ideas for change, but you are not used to building new revenue streams and scalable products.

In fact, these are two different perspectives on the same problem:

How to start and grow new business in health care? How to launch and grow successful innovation? What steps to take? What tools to use on a budget and what sources to implement in your entrepreneur’s journey?

The answers are important. Because being successful in health takes expertise, patience and flexibility. But most of all it takes action.

And although it’s often difficult and lonely, health innovators have no time and no money to lose. You want to deliver better health and better quality of life.
You want to make the change you believe in.

Why do I write this ebook?

Health care entrepreneurship is as complex and as diverse as each national (or regional) system. Many wonderful health innovators work in silos, with their little bits and pieces of information. At a certain point, they get stuck.

We need to change this, and help each other to move forward. We need to share what we know, so anyone can take advantage of this. In a very easy and accessible way.

you can pre-order now

This is what the ebook will look like

You can find these chapters in ‘Basics to grow in health’:

  1. Be prepared to act. 3 things you need to know before you start.
  2. Feel the heartbeat of your customer. No one wants to be called ‘patient’. How to do customer research in health?
  3. Build your product and start the experiment. How to build a minimum viable product (MVP) and test it. Types of MVPs and what you need. Who can help you to test your product?
  4. Shape your business model. What is your business model? How to decide? What do all these B’s mean? Dive into B2B, B2C, platform, hybrid, .. and others in health and care. New channels to use in your business model.
  5. Financing of your entrepreneurship. Public and private. Investors, competitions and grants. The cash flow problem. 
  6. Go to market and growth. Tenders and customers. Results of your innovation. Go international. Your place in the health business ecosystem.        

Interested ?

Basics to grow in health will be launched this month.

But you can pre-order from now on: click here and you’ll get your copy first – at a reduced price of 12,99 euros (VAT included).

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