First 4 validated health apps in Belgium

Congrats to Airview, Remecare, Fibricheck and Move Up! They are the first 4 validated health apps by the Belgian government. 

According to the mobile health validation pyramid, these mobile applications are CE-marked and are compliant with medical devices rules. They also are GDPR-compliant (level 1).

We can expect them to be the first in row to get future public reimbursement in Belgium (hopefully this year!). 

Do you want your health app to join Airview, Remecare, Fibricheck and Move up? All information is here.    
Foreign health applications can also be published and validated for the Belgian market.  

Do you want to go international and get a review of your health, medical or fitness application? Check out Orcha. It’s an independent review and accreditation company, also working together with NHS digital.   

Of course, public reimbursement is important for digital health apps to reach big user groups and to scale up. But it’s not the only way. Increasingly, HealthTech startups use different business models to grow. And innovative health insurance funds decide to refund digital health solutions faster. Take a look at Helan for Fibricheck for example.

Moreover, it IS already possible to deliver a bunch of digital health possibilities to your patients or clients in Belgium, even without reimbursement. We expect other companies to deliver digital health services to their customers this year too.

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