50K€ grant opportunity: EIT Health HeadStart

Headstart call EIT Health

The European EIT health program has opened its headstart call for incorporated startups to get funding and support.

So if you are looking for extra funding, a great European network and support, this is your shot!

I can really recommend joining this call.

Since 2 years I’m a member of the EIT health jury and I’ve noticed this is a call:

  • which is accessible for everyone (no tons of administration needed)
  • offering you a grant opportunity up to 50k
  • for 6 best candidates in the Belgium- Netherlands location (including Luxemburg and Isräel)
  • focussing on the right, change-making topics in health, such as: bringing care home, creating the environment for healthcare transformation, behavioural change, ..
  • guided by local EIT teams fully open to help you

Interested? deadline for your proposal is 27 March-4pm. You can find all information on the headstart call here

Submit your application digitally through eithealth.optimytool.com.

Applications will be accepted from incorporated start-ups:

  • with fewer than 50 employees; 
  • that have an established relationship with one of the EIT Health partners;
  • have not yet received a significant round of venture capital financing (series A); 
  • have not applied for HeadStart funding in the same (calendar) year.

EIT health has open calls for startups and health entrepreneurs in regions all over Europe. So if you’re not living in the Belgium-Netherlands region, do check out the calls for your region here: 

Good luck folks!

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