The hidden heroes of healthcare

Uncovering the profile and practice of healthcare professionals in Belgium

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Wondering how to better support healthcare professionals and their patients? This report dives deep into their challenges, offering valuable lessons for your business.

The doctor of 1980 is not the same person as today: he/she looks different, has another relationship with patients, works differently and needs new competencies and expertise.

This report brings key data on the 10 most important healthcare professionals in Belgium.

For the first time, data & insights from previously fragmented databases and research is combined into one comprehensive overview of demografic insights, work practice and patient contacts of medical and mental health professionals.   

The report will give you tons of information to better understand and work with health professionals like doctors, GP’s, mental health professionals, dentists, …. 

This report is made possible with the support of AXA Belgium.  


  • The number of professionals with job titles far outnumbers the number of active professionals
  • 1/3 of GP’s is 65 years or older and dentists have the highest average age of all professionals
  • Detail of 5 medical specialities commonly linked to hospital admissions: oncologists, pediatricians, gut doctors, gynecologists and orthopedic surgeons.
  • 60% of dentists in Flanders is not-contracted. This is significantly higher than Wallonia (37%) and Brussels (47%) 
  • 64% of clinical psychologists is situated in Flanders and even 97% of clinical orthopedagogues. The lack of mental health professionals in Wallonia creates a barrier and new supportive professions are needed everywhere.
This report empowers everyone in healthcare: healthtech, pharmaceutical companies, insurance, and health providers alike. 
Use it to fuel your: 
  • business development & innovation
  • strategic planning
  • marketing and education  


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