Stroke2gether: a digital care pathway for individuals after stroke


dashplus is part of the Stroke2gether project consortium in Belgium.

This project focuses on the development and scale-up of a digital transmural recovery pathway for individuals after stroke.

20.000 Belgians suffer a stroke every year. After hospital discharge, there is often insufficiently thorough follow-up, too much fragmentation and ad hoc care.

To help people and their families after stroke, there is a need for:

  • Integral collaboration between all stakeholders: Informal & formal stakeholders & between hospital and home situation & between disciplines
  • A central role for the patient
  • Integration of lifestyle medicine and mental health support in the care pathway

Stroke2gether wants to do just that: we combine care, lifestyle and mental health support in one digital pathway or program for patients.

As a result, patients and their caregivers can communicate easily, results of the recovery can be shared and programs can be adapted.

This project is funded by Interreg Europe and lasts for 2 years. It started in 2021. The aim is to end with a scalable product and business model helping as many HC providers and patients as possible.

The project is an initiative of Triamant in collaboration with AZ Groeninge, OLV van Lourdes hospital Waregem, Awell health , dashplus, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, POM West-Flanders and Vlaio, the Flemish administration for innovation.

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