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Unlock the insights: dealing with missed appointments in healthcare

No-shows have plagued healthcare professionals worldwide for years.

Various solutions are being applied. Think of all kinds of messages in the waiting room or a no-show fee. 

But what do we really know about missed appointments?

  • How often does it occur?
  • What causes no shows?
  • What’s the impact of patient no shows? On patients, on healthcare providers and on the system?
  • Strategies to reduce no shows: what works and what doesn’t?
  • What trends do we see in tackling no shows?

We compiled everything into a useful report.


Missed appointments in healthcare

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The impact of missed appointments

Missed doctor appointments or no-shows by patients are a major challenge for healthcare providers around the world.

To understand the profound impact this has on healthcare efficiency, we wrote a report.

Discover how strategically handling patient no shows not only improves patient care, but also makes healthcare providers’ operations more efficient.

Gain insights from our report to optimise your approach.

Impact of missed medical appointments
Missed appointments in healthcare

Why do patients don't show up?

In our report, we elaborate on the crucial task of identifying the root causes behind patient no shows.

Understanding why patients miss appointments is key to developing effective prevention strategies.

We decode the complex factors that contribute to patient no-shows and provide you with actionable insights.

Enhance your expertise by downloading our report and get a comprehensive understanding of the reasons behind missed medical appointments.

Because only when we understand it, we can act accordingly.

Preventing missed medical appointments

Prevention is critical when it comes to no shows in healthcare.

That’s why we outline proactive strategies you can implement to reduce patients no shows.

From personalised communication approaches to using technology, our report provides a toolkit for effectively preventing missed appointments.

Improve your practice’s performance by improving your approach to reducing patient no shows.

Preventing patient no shows in healthcare

Infographic: no shows in medical appointments

Missed appointments and no-shows infographic by dashplus