Born alone and then you die?

No healthcare entrepreneur can do it on his own. Here is why.

Innovating in health can be lonely: your idea is new, success requires bold choices which makes a person shiver, and you run into questions that you don’t dare to ask out loud. Do it anyway! Ask that question and make that leap. And remember: all others are also lost in the health-entrepreneurs web.

The pursuit of more quality of life and more healthy years is changing health & care. The value of prevention, digital and collaboration between healthcare professionals and companies is increasing. This is challenging many entrepreneurs in health. Why?

First: many parties in the healthcare sector do not know each other.

Yes, we do have colleagues and direct competitors, but we are not familiar with parties in the entire value chain. A company building residential care centres, for example, does not necessarily know all of the good digital health entrepreneurs.
Moreover, healthcare is special since the customer often is different from the end user. In our digital society, this is also evolving: technology breaks down the wall between health customer and end user.

A new value chain is created where:
• parties take on other ROLES (Is my doctor not working digitally? I choose another one)
• where NEW PARTIES enter
• NEW CHANNELS for health and care products are used (e.g. through my energy supplier)
Result: a new value chain leading to new business models in health

Second: those who have a good idea do not know how to realize it.

How, with whom, what to do first and next? How to protect from copycats?
New style health entrepreneurship needs cooperation of various talents. It’s not useful to think you can do it all on your own: too much and too expensive.

According to KPMG, new health entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs will belong to one of these 3 emerging archetypes: the active portfolio company, the virtual value chain orchestrator or the niche specialist.

No health entrepreneur can do it on his own. And even if you’re working alone, you’re not alone: Healthnode can be your buddy in your innovative exploration. We give you the building blocks and the help to transform the playing field in health.

You win time, knowledge and satisfaction (with yourself and with your customers).


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