Euroquity: open investment platform with a keen interest in healthcare

Are you a healthcare company looking for investors and/or partners? Then it’s definitely worth registering at the Euroquity platform. This neutral and free platform was founded over 10 years ago now, in 2008, by French top health and life sciences venture capitalist BPI France.   

The Euroquity platform is open to all entrepreneurs and investors, from startups to corporate companies. And from seed capital to private equity. Euroquity gathers companies and investors from over 25 countries worldwide.

It also organises pitching and investments events all over Europe, live as well as online.

Although the platform is open to all industries, biosciences and healthcare are quite important on Euroquity. No surprise, since healthcare is a top sector for investors worldwide now.  

What is the purpose of Euroquity?

BPI France, a French government-backed ‘bank for entrepreneurs’ and one of the leading healthcare business investors in Europe, is the founder of Euroquity. They have built an impressive healthTech ecosystem for more than a decade, with over 90 investments in health and care up till now. To name a few: French Doctolib (book your doctor online) and just recently French Nutri’Earth (a range of products dedicated to seniors and made from insects) and American Willo (robotic oral care device). 

The purpose of Euroquity is to further develop this dynamic business ecosystem. It was built as a digital and open bridgehead where international enterprises and investors can find each other; no matter what sector they’re in. Any company can register on the platform, for free. BPI France has built the platform and manages the activities of the French-based companies.

What are the activities of  Euroquity?

The platform offers you:

  1. connection to investors
  2. connection to partners and advisors to grow your business
  3. regular for pitching and matchmaking all over Europe-live and online.

This month, they’ve already had the InvestHorizon kick-off event with a focus on health. Also, there was a life science investment pitch in Liège, and there is the ESIL healthtech pitch of 8 series A health companies of Invest Horizon. And there’s (much) more to come..

So, if you missed one of these but you’re interested to invest, you can still get in touch with their CEO’s. Just send an e-mail to Christine Margreve:  She’s the very dynamic contact there, always helping you out and listening to your questions.   

do you work solo?

What’s the business model?

The business model of the platform is based on national or regional licences to (public) partners, building an open and neutral platform in their own economies.

This is how in Belgium, up till now, Sowalfin is licence holder of Euroquity. Sowalfin (Société Wallonne de Financement et de Garantie des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises) is a Walloon public company with a mission to give entrepreneurs access to financing.

Also, Euroquity has a role in different European programs like SealofExcellence, InvestHorizon, Easme, .. and regularly organises events for these programs.   

Today, 1281  ‘bio, medical and health’ companies have a profile on Euroquity, together with 411 health investors. You can use the platform to connect to almost 180 Belgian, over 900 French and almost 100 Spanish healthcare entrepreneurs-just to name some. But Euroquity attracts companies and investors from all over the world. 

This is how it works

Have I made you curious? Do you want to join and use the platform too? It’s easy.

Just start by registering your company and your personal profile for free. It takes about 5 minutes to do so. The system guides you very easily through additional information such as tags. The more detailed your profile, the better others can find you-but that’s crystal clear.  

You will also notice something like the ‘EQ score’ of your company: this is an index of your profile, giving your company certification and creating quality and thrust on the platform. 

You can join communities or groups of companies with the same interests.  

And of course, you can register for events, be a candidate to pitch and receive investment, or just browse for partners to cooperate with.

The platform has a very user-friendly way to do so.

So, Euroquity is definitely worth your try! And if you do so, don’t hesitate to link to the dashplus-profile or alert me on your profile. Good luck!  

For all additional information, to register for future events or get in touch with the pitching companies in June, there’s one address: please e-mail Christine Margreve: or call her at +32 4 230 56 79.


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