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Top 10 most active venture capital investors in Belgian healthtech

In 2023, Belgian healthtech startups and scaleups secured €258 million in investments.  The  landscape for venture capital investments in Belgian health tech is promising.

Factors such as the rise of angel investors, a resilient technology infrastructure and a dense startup network in the health sector contribute to this opportunity.

Who are the most active investors for seed and series A in health tech in Belgium? 

Dive into the full list of the most active VC investors in Belgian health tech. Uncover valuable perspectives on their areas of interest and the range of projects they support.


Top10 most active VC investors in Belgian healthtech

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Explore the top 10 venture capital investors shaping the future of Belgian health technology

  • seed and series A
  • accelerators and venture capital funds
  • their expertise and focus

This comprehensive list has valuable information for startups and scaleups seeking funding opportunities and gives investors insights on the investment landscape for health tech in Belgium.

Most active healthcare venture capital investors in Belgium
Brussels Atomium - Belgium

What we learn from the investors landscape

  • Local Funding Opportunities: Belgian healthtech startups have access to a sufficient number of local angel and seed investors, with several investors consistently supporting lifesciences and health tech ventures, offering promising opportunities for early-stage funding.

  • Public Investment Support: Public investment funds, including Vlaio, Sambrinvest, Wallonie Entreprendre, and Imec, play a pivotal role in supporting health startups in Belgium, providing a strong foundation for local entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • International Investor Potential:  there remains untapped potential for collaboration with major international investors. Startups and scaleups aiming to attract international investors can leverage the expertise and capital of VC firms with a diversified global portfolio.