Lifestyle medicine services, business models and the ecosystem

Online course for companies and practices that want to invest in lifestyle medicine. 

Want to understand lifestyle medicine services and models to the fullest? Do you want to explore the preventive health business ecosystem and know what’s happening here?

This is for you. 

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Based on the feedback of our previous courses

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They learned from our online courses and workshops:

Preventive health and lifestyle medicine have become ever more important since the COVID-pandemic: for individuals, companies and health insurers alike.

Today, only 2,8% of all public health expenditures go to prevention. So European experts and investors expect a growth in this market for the years to come.

Occupational health companies, wellness, pharma and insurers are building new products and business models.

There is a new lifestyle medicine business ecosystem.

Want to fully understand the meaning of lifestyle medicine?

The focus of this course is to better understand:

  • What preventive health is (including the difference between lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine)
  • What services lifestyle medicine centers and other stakeholders offer? 
  • What business model can be used? 
  • Who are current players in the European lifestyle medicine business ecosystem?
  • Inspiring examples of lifestyle medicine by:
    1. health insurers
    2. healthtech companies
    3. hospitals (hospitals invest in lifestyle medicine now)

After the workshop you and your team will:

  • understand who are key players in this field.
  • swiftly contact potential partners for your service or project.
  • know how to build your lifestyle medicine business ecosystem.
  • master important trends in this ecosystem.
  • develop your activities faster and with more confidence.