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The 2 sides of dashplus

both sides of dashplus

Tuning in to the dashplus website for the first time, you might be wondering to go to the business advice section or rather to the blog menu?

Meet the two sides of the same mission: helping entrepreneurs to innovate in healthcare.

the business advice side

I give business advice to all kinds of organisations that want to change healthcare. Customers contact me when they need:

  • a go-to-market companion: at this point, strategy and goals are clear, but organisations have to reach out to (new) customers and partners to be successful. Business models in health need change. Teams need extra manpower and expertise to handle this. I am your scout and team member during go-to-market and will guide you through all necessary steps from testing to scaling up.
  • to convince stakeholders: to really make a difference, healthcare innovations often require policy changes. I explain you how to lobby for that change and make you feel familiar with the specificities of the health system and the public policy process.

Typical, the business advice is offline and in-depth cooperation, one on one for your organisation and is guided by confidentiality.

Please contact me it this is what you need: call ++32 (0)472/62 98 16 or mail sofie@dashplus.be

the online companion side

Business advice too often is the privilege of large organisations and boards whilst innovation in healthcare needs a bottom-up push. It needs the enthusiasm and everyday entrepreneurship of so many people working in the sector.

That’s why dashplus also has an online side. Thanks to digital, also health entrepreneurs working alone or in small teams, students, independent health professionals and everyone seeking for answers during their innovation journey can find support.

the online companion side of dashplus

You can either read the blogs or watch the (upcoming) videos.

You can use different tools and e-sources-all designed to make you build, grow and scale up your health entrepreneurship. I share problems every entrepreneur in health faces during his innovator’s journey and help you to overcome them.

Because one thing is for sure: success is not a one-day trick.

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