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Hey, pretty shining people!

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Do you know this fine song by George Ezra?

While I was writing the ‘Basics to grow’ ebook, this song was on the radio a lot. I realized it’s one of the messages I hope that will stand out from the book: ‘hey, you health care innovators: you’re not on your own’.

You can use a lot of insights and tools, and worldwide there are many resources to make your ideas grow to success.

So don’t just sit around with those plans or questions, just take action.

Order the ebook Basics to grow in health here
I want to give you wings

I’ll give you more than 31 tips and lots of international examples and links.

I know that many people in the healthcare sector (doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses…) have great ideas for transforming or expanding their practice. But they have doubts: do I have the time for that? Where should I start? Where to find the money?

Come on, ladies and gentlemen: dare to change and make your health care dream come true. And remember: you’re one of those ‘pretty shining people’- don’t you agree it’s a wonderful sing-along too? 🙂

You can find ‘basics to grow in health’ on: www.dashplus.be/ebook/

Wishing you good luck with it!


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