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Your recipe to start in health


5 basics every health entrepreneur has to decide upon

In fact, these are 5 steps every health care entrepreneur will go through.  

Everyone who starts in health care or wants to launch new products is going to meet them. I did too.  Sometimes I call these five ‘the entrepreneur’s journey’ (which is, by the way, also the title of a very good podcast by Yaro Starak).

Here they are:

  1. describe your mission. What is your as a health entrepreneur?
  2. make your MVP
  3. use the business model canvas
  4. decide upon the time you want to take to grow and what steps to take first
  5. decide upon your business model: how can you earn money with your mission?

You will have doubts and questions on these basics or even the cold sweat of it, and finally, you will have to decide what to do on these points.

But here’s the good news:

·             every single entrepreneur in health struggles with these questions: you are not alone. It is normal to have doubts about these 5 basics- not having them is strange!

·             you can grow on the experience of others: read the tips and tricks I share with you in our newsletter and feel supported by the experience of others

·             if you follow these 5 steps, you will win a lot of time on your health innovation journey: you avoid making some mistakes or miss some information

·             deciding on these 5 basics helps you to save money: by making these steps you won’t be spending a lot of money yet

I’ll explain each of the basic steps you will encounter on your health entrepreneur’s journey.

My goal is to guide you through each step and give you data and examples that make you feel supported in your choice. You’ll grow your business in health care.

Do you want to know your recipe to innovate in health? 
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Do you want to dive deep into health care innovation? Check out my ‘basics to grow in health’ e-book. 

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