Belgium adopts COVID19-reimbursement for teleconsultations: learning group to support and learn

Belgium adopts COVID19-reimbursement for teleconsultations: learning group to support and learn

The situation in Belgium now (14 April)

Since the beginning of the Belgian lockdown, public health insurance RIZIV/Inami has approved the reimbursement for teleconsultations by doctors and many other health professionals as a way to tackle the coronavirus and flatten the curve.

So now, Belgian doctors, specialists, speech therapists, (some) psychologists, hospitals, but also midwives and dentists, for example, are reimbursed for teleconsultations.

Care providers receive their ‘normal’ fee for teleconsultations, but the number of consultations is limited per patient or per week for example. Prescriptions are sent to the patient’s pharmacist immediately, via the so-called e-recipe service.

Only a few days before, Belgian Medical order had published an announcement stating ‘teleconsultations can now be used by doctors in times of coronacrisis’.

Worldwide, telehealth helps to tackle the coronavirus and #flattenthecurve

The case for telehealth has never been so clear now. This is why many other countries worldwide also use telehealth to fight the COVID19-pandemic. Belgium is in line with this. After 10 years of discussion, digital health finally expands in Belgium too…

Let’s support each other and learn together

As many health organisations are just starting with teleconsultations now, it’s interesting to support each other. And to learn from each other in a multidisciplinary way: hospitals, psychologists, speech therapists, GP’s all together.

This will be important to monitor the impact, quality and satisfaction with digital health during covid_19, but also in the future. We’re all in the same boat now, no matter what position in the health and care process.

That’s why, we will be hosting a ‘learning group on covid19-teleconsultations’: to support each other, share information, and learn about the impact and quality of telehealth. You will find Q&A, full confidentiality, support and help to build your future telehealth activities. Also, we will be able to compare the results of this group with a similar international group.

The ‘learning group covid19-teleconsultations’ is for organisations that just have started telehealth activities or plan to do so before JUNE 1st. Up to 20 people can join. It’s FREE. The online learning group will kick off April 27th.

Want to join the learning group?

Deadline for candidates is April 25th.

You can also find all information here.

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