Partena partners with Emma health to keep people healthy and independent  

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Belgian public health insurer Partena has launched a partnership with preventive health start-up Emma health to keep Belgians as healthy as possible.

Anyone starting an Emma-account before June 25  can use the screening and AI-based guidance of Emma health for 1 year entirely for free. You don’t have to be a Partena-member.

Based on a whole bunch of personalised questions and indications (the same way as you go to your GP), Emma indicates your risk for specific health problems and suggests an action plan, for example, to lose 4 kg of weight.

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Emma aims to act as a pre-consultation tool for doctors and as guidance for anyone who wants to live healthily. The Belgian preventive health platform helps users and care professionals to learn about personal health and indicates physical as well as mental health risks people might have.

Filling in a personal profile on Emma is fun and enhances health literacy. This partnership leads to better population health and thus lower healthcare costs– which is the return on investment (ROI) for a public insurance company to invest in it.

Any Belgian GP can advise Emma health to his patient now and be a real co-pilot of your health: he doesn’t only see you when you’re already sick.

Emma health aims to be the prevention module in the GP’s software.

It is the first digital health app that is entirely integrated with the Belgian e-health platform. All information is sent directly to your doctor’s software, no matter what software he uses. Co-founders Jelle Van de Velde and Servais Bingé also announced to involve other health professionals software.

And by the end of this year, they will also add biomarkers to certain risk profile analyses plus they are eager to add more predictive aspects in the platform.    

Together with Partena, this is the first big B2C-campaign for Emma health- after intensive development, previous B2B-tests and focus groups.

Partena, a public insurance fund within the independent MLOZ-group (covering over 2 million Belgians) is the most innovative of all public insurers. CEO Stefaan Lauwers cooperates actively with health startups: previously, Partena was the first to refund heart app Fibricheck and Femtech company Fertihome, a self-care fertility platform. And Partena also supports community care platform Helpper.

Happy with these kinds of partnerships! Way to go and good luck to both!    

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