Doktr - a patient centric telehealth app for all Belgians
Sofie Staelraeve

Proximus launches Doktr: a patient-centric telehealth app for all Belgians

Belgian telecom provider Proximus just launched Doktr, a patient-centric video consultation app for all Belgians. With this product, Proximus- like other telecom companies worldwide– invests in future-proof healthcare. I’m proud to advise this great corporate startup team on strategy and stakeholder management and be part of an exciting journey! Here’s why Doktr might help to

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France at the forefront of European telehealth
Britt De Roy

France at the forefront of European telehealth

The successful use of telehealth in France was made possible thanks to the large, mature legislation and reimbursement system that existed already when COVID got hold of Europe. Read how they tackle teleconsultations since 2018.

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